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Why SEVENTEEN’s Jun Still Needs Help Writing Lyrics

There’s one area that he needs the members’ help with.

Because the SEVENTEEN members are so talented, all of them have tried their hand at writing lyrics. However, the skill isn’t as easy as it seems, especially for Jun.

Jun | @junhui_moon/Instagram

While chatting with Weverse Magazine, the outlet asked Jun about the songwriting process for the Performance Team’s “Wave”. He recalled how they “gathered around Woozi’s computer and listened to the song, throwing out ideas.

| @junhui_moon/Instagram

Jun was even proud that one of his ideas was included in the song. Even so, the process didn’t always flow naturally.

When I heard it, I came up with the word ‘freedom.’ The feeling of freedom. I felt good when Woozi and Hoshi listened to my idea and used it in the lyrics.

— Jun

| @junhui_moon/Instagram

The Chinese idol admitted that the language barrier sometimes stands in the way. He said, “I’m not 100% proficient in Korean, so I still need a lot of help when I write lyrics. I only know so many words.

| @junhui_moon/Instagram

Jun is up for the challenge, though. He’s navigating the difficulty as best as he can and learning along the way. The fact that he can rely on SEVENTEEN proves their strong support system.

I need to know more if I’m going to write impressive and meaningful lyrics. So for the things I want to say, the meaning I want to convey, I need to borrow words from the other members and then change mine to those.

— Jun

| @junhui_moon/Instagram




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