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Jeon Somi Reminds TWICE’s Chaeyoung Of The Time She Ran Away From JYP Entertainment

“She was an interesting member.”

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung was the most recent guest on soloist Jeon Somi‘s new YouTube variety show, Yes Or Hot, and the two besties kept the game extra “spicy” as they hilariously exposed moments that happened in each other’s pasts.

Somi (left) and TWICE’s Chaeyoung (right) | TEO 테오/YouTube

Somi was formerly a trainee at JYP Entertainment and competed in the idol survival program SIXTEEN, which formed TWICE’s debut line-up.

Through her experience at JYP Entertainment, Somi became close with the TWICE and ITZY members and she has a particularly close friendship with TWICE’s Chaeyoung.

During the Yes Or Hot episode, the two reminisced about their trainee days, and Somi hilariously exposed Chaeyoung for running away.

On the show, Somi and the guests take turns asking each other “burning” questions, and the person being asked can answer or choose to eat spicy food instead. Somi began by asking the talented TWICE member if she had ever “gone off the grid” from the company, and Chaeyoung honestly replied that she had.

Somi brought up a specific incident from when they both trained together and while Chaeyoung didn’t immediately recall what happened, Somi hilariously remembered every detail.

You just ghosted everyone and left. We went to catch you again and Yoonmi brought you back.

— Jeon Somi

Chaeyoung suddenly recalled the specific day Somi was referencing and shared that it was the last day of the year, and she felt “empty and out of it” while she was in a training room in the company building.

The TWICE member snuck out of the training room and shared that she believes she went to the Han River that day.

Somi jokingly concluded that Chaeyoung was an “interesting member” and ran away more than once. Chaeyoung hilariously threw Somi under the bus by revealing that the soloist had joined her on a secret excursion before.

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