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Jisoo Virtually Visits Fans In “BLACKPINK: The Game” And Receives An Unexpected Reaction

Jisoo joined the game to chat with BLINKs.

BLACKPINK just released their new song, “The Girls,” for their official mobile game, BLACKPINK: The Game, and to celebrate, they filmed a fun video hosted by actor Lee Yi Kyung.

In the video, the members discussed how they play the mobile game, reacted to the music video for “The Girls,” and more.

(From left:) BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa| BLACKPINK/YouTube

In the game, BLINKs are able to become BLACKPINK’s producer and need to complete puzzles in order to arrange the group’s schedule and manage their company.

One option players have is visiting “BLACKPINK World,” where they can connect with other players.

Jisoo admitted she had frequently played the game and often found herself dressing the BLACKPINK members’ characters in pretty clothes instead of solving the puzzles.

Lee Yi Kyung pointed out that BLINKs were able to tell “how serious” Jisoo was about the game when she posted a photo of herself playing it on social media.

After posting the photo, fans rushed to “BLACKPINK World” in the hopes of virtually meeting the BLACKPINK member herself.

When Lee Yi Kyung asked Jisoo if she was aware that had happened, she revealed she was and even went to “BLACKPINK World” herself to meet fans.

Jisoo’s character was wearing the same outfit as the one she posted on social media, so she was confident BLINKs would recognize her in the game.

Instead, she was greeted with the opposite experience and revealed that some players even ignored her when she said hi because they didn’t recognize her.

Jisoo hilariously admitted she began conducting “mini-surveys” within the game, asking BLINKs if they were enjoying their BLACKPINK: The Game experience.

When the eldest BLACKPINK member was approached by BLINKs asking to be her friend, without knowing it was her, Jisoo jokingly told them she liked to keep her friends tab empty.

Rosé hilariously advised BLINKs to keep an eye out for players without a friends list because it may just be Jisoo.

Although Jisoo shared that no one recognized her player, she was still able to converse with a few lucky BLINKs.

Jisoo never outright revealed her identity, wanting to keep the peace within “BLACKPINK World,” so it’s understandable BLINKs didn’t recognize her at the time.

In the article below, check out more on Jisoo’s unique gameplay experience and why she hilariously found herself in “hot water” with her fellow members for her in-game spending habits!

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