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K-Netizens Are Pleasantly Surprised By SEVENTEEN’s Artist-Made Collection Prices

What’s your pick from the collection?

Recently, SEVENTEEN dropped the Artist-Made Collection Season 2 online and received much attention from fans and netizens.

SEVENTEEN artist-made collection | @HYBE_MERCH/X
SEVENTEEN artist-made collection | @HYBE_MERCH/X

Netizens that saw the prices were pleasantly surprised!

Netizen comments | Instiz
Netizen comments | Instiz
Netizen comments | Instiz
  • “I’m surprised at how reasonable the prices are. I am going to buy something.”
  • “The price for the keyboard is good for being low noise.”
  • “The prices are crazy!”
  • “All the products are items that are quite pricey, but they were reasonable with the pricing.”
  • “I’m going to end up buying all my household items here.”
  • “The prices are reasonable for the tea and rice bowl sets.”
  • “The prices are cheaper than I thought.”
  • “All the prices seem pretty good.”
  • “I already have three keyboards at home, but I want to buy more.”
  • “The tiger is cute.”
  • “I’m going to buy the tiger keyring.”
  • “The tea set is cheaper than expected!”
  • “The keyboard price is pretty reasonable.”
  • “Wow so pretty! I want so many things!”
  • “I’m shocked at how reasonable the prices are! So good!”

Out of all the products, netizens were most surprised at how reasonable the price of the keyboard was! With the keyboard price being 120,000 KRW ($~90.13 USD), netizens felt it was a good price for the product.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “The price is cheap for being so pretty.”
  • “The price is cheap!”
  • “It’s cheap despite being official merchandise!”
  • “It’s cheap just as a keyboard too! So jealous!”
  • “Wow it is really pretty though.”
  • “Wow the price is really good.”
  • “Wow I thought it would be over 200,000 KRW..I must buy this!”

What do you think of the prices? Would you buy something from the collection?

Source: theqoo and instiz




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