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NCT 127’s Concert In Indonesia Forced To End Early After Several Fans Faint During The Show

Members of the group had to instruct fans to stop pushing.

NCT 127‘s concert in Jakarta, Indonesia was ended early by the event promoter and police after a number of fans passed out in the crowd due to pushing.

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NCT 127 recently headed to Jakarta, Indonesia for the next set of concerts on their NEO CITY : THE LINK tour. After selling out the first show that was announced, a second show was added for fans in Jakarta. Both of the sold-out shows’ seating arrangements included general admission standing-only sections.

After a bomb threat to the event was cleared by local police, the concert proceeded as normal before the crowd’s movement in the standing sections began to cause issues.

According to fans at the event, as the group were performing and throwing signed balls, the crowd began to push forward toward the stage. NCT 127 themselves began instructing fans to stop pushing and to take steps back to avoid anyone getting hurt.

In another fan video, one of the barricades near the stage can be seen broken on the ground as fans continue to push forward.

NCT 127 stopped the show for a moment to take time to check up on the show’s attendees. During this time, Haechan asked fans in the crowd if they were feeling unwell to raise their hands and alerted the venue’s staff to their locations so that they would be able to receive help.

According to a fan at the event, the venue’s lights were then turned back on after the group performed “Touch” and fans were instructed to move back in order to give everyone space. At first, it seemed as though this would just be a short break in order to give the crowd a moment of rest.

After a few minutes, the venue then announced that the show would be ending at that time instead of the group coming back out for their encore performances due to a number of “people passing out.” Fans were instructed to leave the venue immediately after the announcement.

NCT 127 are scheduled to perform one more night in Jakarta before heading to Bangkok, Thailand in December.

We hope everyone stays safe.




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