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NCT Doyoung’s Recent Endorsement Deal With McDonald’s Sparks Controversy Due To Israel-Palestine Conflict

NCT‘s Doyoung recently signed a deal with McDonald‘s to endorse their Happiness Burger. As he has been known to be an ardent fan of the brand’s burgers, fans were happy for him to finally score an official deal with the fast-food chain.

The happiness was short-lived as the gravity of the situation sunk in. Many realized the complications that it brought, given the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Along with big-name Starbucks, many are boycotting the two brands as part of a worldwide campaign to show support for Palestine. This stemmed from the two brands distancing themselves from the conflict, claiming to take a neutral stance.

Fans have taken a strong stance against the brands, claiming that the brand indeed supports Israeil.

As such, they felt that Doyoung’s promotion of the brand was not fitting with the current situation.

On December 25, 2023, he posted on Instagram to wish fans a Merry Christmas. In the carousel of photos he uploaded, a picture of a snowman wearing a McDonald’s container was included. Although things like brand deals may not be decided upon by himself, fans alleged that he probably did have a hand in casual promotion on Instagram.

| @do0_nct/Instagram

Paired with the Christmas message, many fans found it tone deaf, given that Israeli forces attacked churches and Christians in the Gaza Strip.

| @do0_nct/Instagram

He has since faced harsh criticism from fans and netizens alike. His Instagram is currently being flooded with comments regarding the matter.

On the other hand, some fans have been defending him, claiming that the Korean leg of McDonald’s does not have anything to do with the conflict or the American HQ. Purchasing a Happiness Burger in South Korea also donates ₩100 KRW (about $0.08 USD) per burger to disadvantaged children. Facts prove this wrong, as McDonald’s Korea is currently still operated by the HQ, similar to how the HQ continues to operate most of the Asian legs of the brand. Many still believe that McDonald’s is not directly related to the conflict.

Things have escalated as haters have hopped on the bandwagon to take hits at Doyoung. Threats were allegedly lodged against the star, in particular, at the upcoming Jakarta promotions. Fans urge others to report the matter to SM Entertainment‘s artist protection unit.

Everyone, there’s posts that say they will terrorize [him] during the Indonesia concert. What’s more is that there’s a fansign for Jakarta too, so he could experience huge danger. It’s a sensitive matter concerning safety so I think we need to report it to Kwangya 119.

— lv_do0_21

On the other hand, netizens claim that they only plan to boo him rather than physically threaten the star.

QRT of the threat. | Twitter

SM Entertainment and Doyoung have both not spoken up on the matter yet.





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