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NCT DREAM Go Viral For Their Unexpected And “Embarrassing” Airport Fashion

NCT DREAM recently went viral for their airport fits—and not in the way K-Pop idols tend to do so. NCTzens were left hilariously blinded by the members’ joint fashion choice, almost distracting them from the fact that this was the group’s first flight with all 7 members.

NCT DREAM | @nct_dream/Instagram

NCT DREAM are known for having a very close and genuine bond, one that often results in the most chaotic situations. Collectively, they are far from strangers to amusingly embarrassing moments in public (like that time they embarrassed themselves in front of ITZY). But their recent airport escapade might just take the prize, as the members seemed to be regretting their choices as soon as they arrived.

Media and fans who were waiting for them at Incheon Aiport were surprised when the members all came out wearing the exact same neon green tracksuit and white bucket hat.

They were barely identifiable. Netizens noticed that even fansites had to delete their pictures after accidentally mislabelling the members.

As NCT DREAM got out of their cars, it was easy for fans to tell how they really felt about the situation, leading to much amusement.

But that didn’t stop the members, especially Renjun, from strictly enforcing their dress code. Having noticed that Chenle was wearing a black shirt instead of the white one everyone else had under their sweaters, Renjun hilariously forced him to tug it in.

And just to make sure they all looked exactly the same, their managers carried their things for them so as to remove any identifiers.

NCTzens couldn’t get enough of the spectacle that NCT DREAM’s airport arrival turned out to be…

…even hilariously turning the members’ outfits into green screens.

Of course, having gone fully viral, the members also became the subject of many memorable memes.

Fans pointed out that this all started when Jeno proposed that they wear matching outfits for THE DREAM SHOW 2 in Japan. Now that the group has made its way there for their upcoming concert, it seems like they have gone through with the agreement.

In a message later on, Jeno admitted the matching outfits had been his idea, but he hilariously washed his hands of the color choice.

Seeing as this was the first time all members took a flight together, it seems appropriate that it would turn into such a memorable occasion!

Perhaps even more than the time they were detained at the airport in Chile…

NCT DREAM have once again proved that they not only keep their promises but that they’re truly one of the funniest groups out there!




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