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3 Times aespa’s Karina And Red Velvet’s Joy Wore The Same Outfits But Served Totally Different Vibes

Their styling choices are complete opposites in #3.

Red Velvet‘s Joy and aespa‘s Karina are both fashion icons. Despite having their own unique styles that are very different from each other, they have surprisingly rocked some of the same pieces before!

Red Velvet’s Joy (Left) and aespa’s Karina (Right)

One of the outfits that fans love on both of them is the Linen Blend Dress from ZARA. It’s an inexpensive piece at only $45.90 USD. However, each idol makes it look like total luxury!


Karina looked glamorous in the LBD, styling it with minimal jewelry and wearing her hair in long, romantic waves.

She paired the dress with classic, black pumps for a timeless look.

The open back with crisscross straps give her look both an elegant and sexy vibe!

Meanwhile, Joy styled the dress completely differently. She made it more of a casual and everyday look with her hair tied into a half up half down style and added some dainty jewelry.

She added a simple TOD’s bag and her look was complete!

Their next outfit choice was the complete opposite of the basic previous look! The girls went bold with this metallic pink mini dress from Diesel that currently costs upwards of $640 USD.

| Diesel

Joy sported the dress in Red Velvet’s upcoming The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday concept photos. She accessorized with silver jewelry including an arm cuff and a fake lip piercing.

She completed the charismatic look with her long, dark hair and even a pink and fuzzy pair of boots.

Karina’s style, however, differed from Joy’s charismatic look. Instead, Karina’s style is more eye-catching with her purple hair tied back into a ponytail.

She also rocked a unique pair of boots but in a different color. The black boots with white and gray fur add an unexpected edge.

Something about her look gives off a “futuristic” vibe!

Lastly, the two artists also overlap in their casual styles. This “One Off Shoulder Half Knit” from DIAGONAL costs around $144 USD.


Joy styled it similar to the model, but put her own spin on it.

She opted for the same baggy, gray slacks but instead tucked in her shirt to accentuate her figure. She also added a bag and sandals that have the same summer feeling, making it a great look for the warmer weather.

The simple look is comfortable and easy breezy, showing off Joy’s fresh charms!

As you might have guessed, Karina’s look is completely different!

She rocked the shirt with a classic pair of flair jeans, accentuating her hourglass physique. She threw on some heels for added class!

Pinning a few pieces of hair back, she made sure to leave some to frame her face and for an elegant look.

Same Fit, Different Vibes



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