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NCT Mark’s “Fear” Of Speaking About His Possible Future Sparks Anger About The Stigma Around Idols’ Personal Lives

“He knows how insane idol’s fans are…”

NCT Mark‘s fear of saying something about his future has sparked anger amongst netizens.

NCT’s Mark | @onyourm__ark/Instagram

Yet, Mark showcased the hardships of being an idol and how it controls the way your mind thinks when he and fellow NCT DREAM members Haechan and Jaemin appeared on Yoo Jae Suk‘s YouTube channel.

During the video, Mark seemed nervous as he wanted to say something related to the topic of family. In particular, the idol explained, “I’m not sure if I can say this as an idol, but in the future, like if in the off chance, like if it happens…”

Yoo Jae Suk seemingly understood the pressures and limitations on idols and admitted, “If you have to preface it with all that, then just don’t say it…”

While it seemed abrupt, it seems like Jae Suk was watching out for Mark as he knew the industry and the toxicity of it when it comes to stars talking about their future, especially if it involves relationships.

In the end, he explained that if he had a daughter, he would be a “fool,” and the phrase “fool for my daughter” means a dad who spoils their daughter and can be used for a son or wife as well.

So, in my next life, I think I’d never be able to say no to my daughter.

— Mark

Of course, it wasn’t really anything to worry about but Mark seemed very worried about saying it.

While many found it cute, others felt bad that Mark had to be hypothetical and that he was worried about even mentioning it because he was worried about how fans might react to it because he’s an idol. They shared how angry they felt that the idea of having a family in the future was so “shameful” for some netizens that idols were scared to discuss it.

Fans are angry that even thinking about a future with a relationship and family is something that idols are worried about talking about.




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