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NCT U Shocks NCTzens With Original Explicit Title For Song “That’s Not Fair”

We can’t hear it the same!

NCT U recently made their comeback with Golden Age – The 4th Album, including its title track, “Baggy Jeans.”

NCTzens have discovered that another track from the album originally had an explicit title.

NCT U | SM Entertainment

When NCTzens received the album’s physical copy, they looked at the credits and read in the song’s description for “That’s Not Fair” that its original title was “That’s My B*tch.” NCTzens were shocked by the unexpected explicit title we could have originally had.


it’s like 2 baddies all over again #nct #nct2023 #nctzen #nctu #kpop #fypシ

♬ That’s Not Fair – NCT U

It certainly gives the song a different vibe. Seeing it in a new light, we can’t hear it quite the same!

| @johnnyhyunjins.americano/TikTok

Yet, this isn’t the first NCT song that originally had “b*tch” in its title. NCT 127’s “2 Baddies” was originally “2 B*tches 1 Porsche.” Read more below.

NCT 127’s Johnny Shocks “Korean Englishman” YouTubers With The Original R-Rated Title Of “2 Baddies”

Source: johnnyhyunjins.americano

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