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BTS’s RM Now Has Bad Blood With An Old “Love”

Things change, people change…

BTS  leader RM briefly talked about an old “love” that now seems to have soured during his recent livestream on Weverse.

BTS’s RM | Weverse

RM did a live broadcast on August 30 (KST), having a heart-to-heart with fans about multiple topics. During the lighter moments, he updated fans about the recent books he has read, the movies and shows he is watching, and even mentioned his changed dynamic with an old love.

| Weverse

This “love” in question is not a person but a subject. Math, to be precise. RM is known for his exceptionally high IQ, and one of his excellent abilities includes quick calculation and mathematical analysis.

Given his displays of intelligence and the fact that he placed in the top 1% of students in the national university entrance exams, fans generally assumed that the BTS leader was a fan of Math. He later confirmed his bias for the subject during a livestream, saying that he “love(d) it” and he was good at it.

| Vlive

But during his recent livestream, the rapper switched his position entirely. When a fan said that they hate math in the comment section of his broadcast, RM agreed, saying, “I don’t like it either.”

Sorry math-lovers, it looks like the subject just got the biggest glow down in history.

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