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NCT’s Chenle Is Thankful For The One Thing Mark Does Whenever He Comes To His House

Mark pretended to cry after hearing it 😂

NCT DREAM couldn’t celebrate their holiday comeback without sharing some of the things they’re thankful for during their recent live broadcast. Chenle shared one of Mark‘s habits that he was always appreciative of.


Although the members tried to find heartwarming things to share about each other, Chenle switched it up. When they mentioned Mark, Chenle said, “He always comes home and does the dishes at my house.

Mark effortlessly turned it into a funny moment by pretending to cry, making it seem like Chenle gave the most touching compliment ever.

They laughed even harder when Haechan pretended to cry from how caring their leader was. After all the jokes, Mark shared why he’s always doing the dishes at Chenle’s house.

Because Chenle was kind enough to cook for him, Mark thought it was only right to clean up. It proves that Mark truly takes care of others and has lovely manners.





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