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NCT’s Mark Goes Viral For His Brutally Honest Reaction To A Fan’s Age

Johnny could also be heard offscreen!

NCT‘s Mark had an honest response when discovering a fan’s age.

NCT’s Mark | SM Entertainment

Original Poster (@lengcangxiangbuzhuangbing) shared their virtual fanmeeting with Mark. In the fan call, they asked him to guess their age. Mark thought, “You look younger than me. You look like you’d be a student. Like under 20?” When the OP confirmed, revealing they are only 14 years old and a middle school student, he exclaimed, “You’re fourteen?!” in shock. He continued, “Oh my gosh. Thank you for coming today.”

NCTzens pointed out another voice that could be heard going “Dang” in the background, reacting to the fan’s age reveal. Many assume it’s Johnny. That tweet went viral with 468K views at the time of writing, but other reposts have also garnered over 623.7K views at the time of writing. NCTzens couldn’t get over the members’ hilariously brutally honest reactions to the young fan.


The now-viral moment surely brought a lot of laughter to the fandom!




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