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Fan Goes Viral For Burning Photos Of NCT’s Johnny, Igniting Unexpected Mixed Reactions

Some fans have called it over sexualization.

When a K-Pop idol does something to be “canceled” by fans, regardless of how serious the situation is, a part of the fandom usually completely abandons them.

For example, fans destroyed merchandise during the laughable protests following EXO Chen‘s marriage announcement…

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…while former fans of Kim Woojin burned his merch after now-proven false allegations of sexual assault and more were first announced.

Usually, the burning of merch is meant to signify the end of supporting that idol, but a fan of NCT‘s Johnny recently proved that false, though it sparked mixed reactions.

NCT’s Johnny | SM Entertainment

While many fansites only share photos of their selected idol, others use their photos to create unofficial merchandise like calendars and slogans.

Fansite produced slogan for ZEROBASEONE’s Zhanghao

Fansite Shine4John is one fan currently advertising “cheering kits” for the idol, which include fans, slogans, and other items featuring images of Johnny. These items are pretty standard for fansite goods, but some feature a unique twist.

In a clip uploaded on the fansite’s X account, a person holding photos of Johnny is shown striking a match and holding it to the photo. However, instead of burning, the heat from the lit match removes Johnny’s “shirt,” revealing his bare chest.

Some were left in shock and awe at the creativity of the fansite’s goods

Others found it strange because Johnny was already shirtless in the original photos and allowing fans to “take off” his clothes didn’t sit well. Many felt this twist was another way of objectifying the idol for his body.

While Johnny has shown no discomfort in showing off his hard-earned physique, it is understandable why some would have discomfort with this sort of merch.




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