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TXT’s Hueningkai Accidentally Becomes A “Homewrecker” During Recent Fan Concert

When you’re a MOA first and a human second. 🤣

Being a K-Pop fan while also being in a relationship often comes with a hilarious dilemma, is your bias first, or your lover? Well, for a TXT fan, the answer appeared to be rather easy.

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TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

TXT recently held a fan concert in Japan, where they gifted MOAs with not only amazing live performances but also fun activities, including one-on-one interactions with a few lucky fans on stage. During one of those fun segments, the members had to find very specific types of MOAs in the crowd, including someone who lied to their boyfriend to come to the event.

Surprisingly, there was a fan in the audience who met this condition perfectly, and she was brought on stage to complete a dare — call up her boyfriend to prove that she had indeed lied to him about attending the show.

After the girl called up her boyfriend and made the confirmation, Hueningkai proceeded to take the phone from her to talk to the guy. However, the guy hung up before the idol could speak to him, making everyone break into a laugh. The MOA on stage, however, reassured Hueningkai without any hesitation that she would break up with her boyfriend for this.

The MOA’s comment left Hueningkai glitching, Yeonjun in a state of disbelief, and the rest of the venue in splits.

Rest assured, this woman has her life’s priorities sorted.




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