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NCT’s Mark Has Netizens Raving Over His Handsome Visuals During Recent Concert

He was born to be on stage!

On November 4 and 5, NCT 127 held concerts in Jakarta, Indonesia as part of their ongoing world tour, Neo City – The Link. Unfortunately, the first day of the concert was interrupted by a bomb threat that led to panic and a stampede that left at least 30 people unconscious.

Thankfully, however, the second day of the concert went on without a hitch and fans were comforted by added security and medical supervision, just to be safe. No one was seriously injured in the aftermath of the event, either, and there are plenty of happy memories to look back on from the concerts!

The members of NCT 127 didn’t hold anything back during the concert, showcasing their incredible energy and charisma on stage and engaging in fun and entertaining interactions with each other and their fans.

Of course, their appearances were also a topic of discussion, since the group is literally filled with handsome visuals!

Mark, in particular, seemed to catch a lot of people’s attention.

Mark (NCT)

With silver-blue hair and immaculate styling, the multi-talented idol was impossible to look away from during the concert.

His visuals were even the topic of discussion for a post on an online Korean forum titled “Mark was kinda handsome today…”, which shared the following photo as evidence.

Unsurprisingly, many comments on the post were in agreement with the author!

  • “For real, he’s f*cking handsome. After they changed their coordi, his straight eyebrows have been a work of God. He’s now overflowing with boyish vibes. I think that straight eyebrows suit him more”
  • “I can’t take this”
  • “Mark’s eyes really seem pretty. Even if you had 500 procedures, you won’t be able to have his eyes”
  • “He’s seriously so handsome that I was shocked”
  • “He IS handsome and always gives his all when performing, no matter what occasion and which team he’s in. I don’t know him personally but I really admire his work ethics”
  • “He easily trended in Korea”
  • “Because of how handsome his face was, he was trending”

“Mark’s face” trending at #11

Fans have been sharing all kinds of photos and videos on social media too, with relatable captions for all of them.

There’s no denying that Mark was born to be on stage, and anyone who gets to see him perform live is definitely lucky!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa




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