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9 TWICE Outfits That Were Too Sexy For Critics To Handle

#6 received both praise and criticism from ONCEs.

TWICE has ventured into various different genres and styles throughout the course of their career, and have tried many different looks. While fans typically love each comeback look, some have garnered criticism in the past. Here are x outfits that were considered to be “too sexy” according to critics!

1. MOMO’s Between 1&2 Outfit

This outfit may have gained criticism from netizens due to the skin-baring nature, but ONCEs love Momo’s bold purple outfit from the Between 1&2 promotions!

2. SANA’s Pink Mini Dress At The 2019 Genie Music Awards

Sana stunned fans at the 2019 Genie Music Awards with the bright pink strapless dress that was complete with frills!

3. JIHYO’s Green Dress

Jihyo’s Instagram post shocked ONCEs when she was seen wearing the forest green mini dress that complimented her figure!

4. NAYEON’s Fitted Black Jumpsuit

Nayeon went viral on Twitter for this fitted black jumpsuit recently! Fans love her chic and sexy style!

5. CHAEYOUNG’s Legendary Pink Photos

After posting photos on Instagram featuring a new black hair and pink top look, netizens deemed this the “new visual era of Chaeyoung” as she looked stunning int he photos!

6. TZUYU’s “Feel Special” Outfit

Tzuyu stuns fans during “Feel Special” promotions with her cropped outfits!

7. MINA’s Instagram Update

Mina’s Instagram post features a casual background that highlights the black dress she wears. ONCEs loved to see this different, more mature side of Mina!

8. JEONGYEON’s Casual Cool Outfit

Jeongyeon left fans in awe after arriving to a music show performance in a casual outfit that many wanted to copy!

9. DAHYUN’s Red Dress

Dahyun went viral on Twitter for the time she was effortlessly sexy in a red mini dress!




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