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NCT’s Mark Reunites With The Fanmade Doll Customized Just For Him

He fulfilled fans’ wishes.

Cheetah Lee is a fanmade doll specially made for NCT 127‘s Mark Lee. The doll was made to resemble him, down to the lovable mole on its cheek. It follows Mark’s nickname from fans, “baby cheetah.”

Cheetah Lee. | @cheetah_lee_/Twitter

It is one of the fandom’s most popular fanmade goods. Whenever production is opened, the doll sells out almost immediately. It is also difficult to get one’s hands on a resold item. The doll started with a small-sized keychain when it was first created. Mark was gifted one of those during the “Cherry Bomb” era.

| @markees/Twitter

Many years later, Mark was finally reunited with the doll. It has been fans’ wish to see him with the popular character. He was gifted not one but two dolls during NCT 127‘s encore concert in Bangkok. He made sure to show his appreciation by taking selfies with the doll.

| @markees/Twitter

He received a santa edition of the doll on an earlier date of the tour. Perfect for the upcoming season!

| @markviosa/Twitter

The regular 40cm doll was given to him on the last day of the tour.

Fans loved seeing Mark with the precious doll. They also made sure to thank the fans who sacrificed their own dolls to make Mark happy.

They also thanked leader Taeyong, for giving Mark the doll when fans tossed it onto the stage.

Fans are under the impression that Mark does not yet know about the doll’s origin. According to NCTzens, Mark thinks the doll got popular due to his nickname. In actual fact, the doll and character were custom created to match his liking! Perhaps he’ll find out the truth one day.




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