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SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan Threw Hands When Finding Out The Truth Of His “Stolen” Ball

No members were harmed 😂

When SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan and DK borrowed Seungkwan‘s volleyball, they hit it so high that it landed on a roof, too far for them to get it back. Rather than tell Seungkwan the truth, they came up with a plan.

Pretending they didn’t know what happened, Jeonghan and DK took Seungkwan to the place where they “left it” and helped him search for it. In the end, Seungkwan was led to believe that someone had stolen his volleyball or it simply disappeared.

Thanks to SEVENTEEN’s SNAPSHOOT, Seungkwan learned the truth and hilariously took matters into his own hands.

Seungkwan | @pledis_boos/Instagram

Seungkwan played back the episode where DK and Jeonghan accidentally hit his volleyball onto the roof. Caught red-handed, Jeonghan apologized as he burst into laughter. Seungkwan didn’t let it slide.

While they both laughed, Seungkwan threw his hands around Jeonghan in a playful headlock.

Seungkwan couldn’t get over the fact that DK and Jeonghan acted so naturally to hide the truth. He asked, “How could they put on a show like that?

Jeonghan pointed out that it took months for Seungkwan to learn the truth. At least they could all laugh about it now.




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