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NCT’s Taeyong Slips On Stage, But Fans Love What He Did Next

Whether it’s technical difficulties or something out of their control, the aespa and NCT members have done their best to overcome mishaps and perform “ZOO”. While performing it at SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ TOKYO, Taeyong ended up slipping on stage but handled it so well fans were amazed.

Taeyong and Jeno. | @Marinayuy/Twitter

For the song’s chorus, Taeyong nailed the choreography and smoothly moved into the next dance move until the unexpected happened.

The floor was so slippery that Taeyong fell and braced himself for the fall. But how he handled the slip immediately became a hot topic, especially on Weibo.

Taeyong turned the fall into part of the choreography, dropping to the floor in time with the beat and getting back up so quickly that many fans didn’t even know he’d slipped.

Even though it was such a brief moment, Taeyong apologized for slipping during the performance. NCTzens were quick to comfort him, reassuring him he didn’t need to apologize for something out of his control.

| @LeonaNyong/Twitter

Instead, fans were impressed by how smoothly Taeyong handled it and worried about his safety. Like the professional he is, Taeyong did the best he could.



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