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Netizens Are Shocked By The Uncanny Resemblance Between NCT’s Jaemin And Nam Goong Min — And Between ITZY’s Ryujin And Kim Ji Eun

It’s basically older Jaemin and Ryujin in a K-Drama…

Netizens are shocked after noticing a strong similarity between NCT‘s Jaemin and actor Nam Goong Min—not just in looks, but in personality too.

NCT’s Jaemin | @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

Nam Goong Min

And coincidentally, Nam Goong Min’s One Dollar Lawyer costar Kim Ji Eun also appears to resemble a K-Pop idol! According to netizens, she looks exactly like ITZY‘s Ryujin.

Kim Ji Eun | SBS

ITZY’s Ryujin

Jaemin is well-known for being not only one of the most prominent visuals in NCT but also for his extremely affable personality and unique sense of humor.

While some fans have noticed the physical similarity between Jaemin and Nam Goong Min before, the actor’s new K-Drama One Dollar Lawyer has brought attention to the uncanny resemblance between them.

SBS dropped a teaser for the show on September 23 and since then, many fans have been unable to see Jaemin in Nam Goong Min’s acting.

In fact, fans feel that Nam Goong Min could easily play Jaemin’s father.

It’s no surprise then that now the return of actor Jaemin is being called for, as a project between him and Nam Goong Min would be a must-watch!

But Nam Goong Min isn’t the only one with a K-Pop idol lookalike. His costar Kim Ji Eun has long been said to look like ITZY’s Ryujin.

Watching Nam Goong Min And Kim Ji Eun in One Dollar Lawyer, many fans felt like they were watching older Jaemin and Ryujin together in a K-Drama.

Now all that’s left is for all of them to play a chaotic family together, which is something that fans are definitely here for!

For more instances of Jaemin and Nam Goong Min resembling each other, check out this thread.

Do you see the similarities?



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