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Netizens Criticize NCT Mark’s Fans Cursing At aespa’s Winter During Photo Shoot

They are both Ralph Lauren ambassadors and label mates.

Most recently, aespa’s Winter and NCT’s Mark were spotted together on a yacht as they posed for Ralph Lauren, as they are both ambassadors.

Although they kept a reasonable distance from each other, they still remained professional when taking photos.

Both idols wore bright and colorful outfits to match the upcoming warmer season.

While most fans were happy to see this collaboration between label mates, netizens saw some Mark fans yelling and cursing as Winter got close to him.

Ah f*ck! Hey you!! Yah!

Netizens that saw this were disappointed in the fans’ reactions towards the idols.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Those talking about who is better here is no different than those people cursing at them in the video.”
  • “Were they holding the photo shoot in public and the fans came to watch? What is going on.”
  • “I hate male idol fans…the idols won’t meet you because you act like that.”
  • “Why are they like that…”
  • “Aigoo…they are working…why are they acting like that.”
  • “They didn’t even touch..why are they like that.”
  • “Honestly, I can understand if the NCT members hate fans like that…there’s so much sh*t in every fandom that comes across them.”
  • “Why are they like that when they are trying to work.”
Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Doing that online is already enough..but doing that in real life is…”
  • “Why are they like that.”
  • “They are both there as ambassadors for work. Winter didn’t do anything wrong, and this looks bad for Mark, too. Are they in their right mind?”
  • “I like both Winter and Mark and loved seeing them together…what’s going on.”
  • “The are label mates so they probably already know each other…come on guys.”
  • “Wow crazy…they are just working…why are they like that.”
  • “Ew hate fans like that.”

Netizens felt that fans were crossing the line and interrupting idols while they were working. Meanwhile, check out the photo shoot below!

Aespa’s Winter And NCT’s Mark Spotted On A Yacht Together




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