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An Uninvited Guest Is Going Viral After “Stealing” The Spotlight From NCT Mark And aespa Winter’s Yacht Photoshoot

They were outshone by this guest. 😂😂

NCT‘s Mark and aespa‘s Winter shocked netizens with their combined visuals at a recent event, but an unexpected guest stole the spotlight and is going viral.

NCT’s Mark | @onyourm__ark/Instagram
aespa’s Winter | @imwinter/Instagram

On May 9, Mark and Winter were spotted at the Polo Ralph Lauren 2024 Spring Campaign Only Polo The Art of Escape event. As expected, the two idols showcased visual chemistry in looks that were perfect for the brand’s theme.

In photos taken by fans, Mark and Winter looked ethereal.



As smoking hot as the duo looked, it seems as if they were outshined by an unexpected guest that is going viral… and it’s a fish!

While Winter and Mark were taking photos, a fan caught a video of a fish jumping out of the water with the best timing. It almost looked as if it wanted to catch a glimpse of the two idols and their visuals.

| @mar_ron82/Twitter

After the video was posted, it gained hundreds of thousands of views, and international fans’ reactions gained a lot of attention. Some joked that the fish was relatable AF by wanting a glimpse of Mark and Winter, while others pointed out that they were distracted by the unexpected guest.

The fish definitely got five minutes of fame, and it was due to the impeccable timing and perfect circumstances.



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