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Netizens Praise BLACKPINK For Their Performance On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Despite The “Unprofessional” Lighting And Camerawork

“How is this quality even acceptable?”

When it comes to the members of BLACKPINK, they always make sure to put on a show for BLINKs. Whether it is an intimate concert, a huge awards show, or a television appearance, all four members make sure that they put on the best show possible.

Members of BLACKPINK | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

BLACKPINK always has dynamic songs, and the performances always match through the stage presence shown by the members and the choreography. Each time they get on stage, they always shine.

| SBS/YouTube

| MTV/YouTube 

The group recently released their newest album Born Pink along with the music video for the title track “Shut Down.” As expected, the track took the world by storm, and all the members impressed fans with their talent, visuals, and power during the video.

“Shut Down” music video | BLACKPINK/YouTube

| BLACKPINK/YouTube   

The announcement that the members would perform the song for the first time live on Jimmy Kimmel Live! was greeted positively.

As expected, the members completely stole the stage and wowed viewers worldwide with their talent, visuals, and amazing presence on stage.

| Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

| Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube   

| Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Unsurprisingly, when the performance was released, BLINKs worldwide couldn’t stop praising the members for their amazing performance.

Yet, despite the amazing performance from the members, the show has come under fire after netizens criticized the lighting and camerawork of those on the show.

In clips shared online, BLINKs shared that the lighting on the stage for the performance was extremely dark. It meant that, despite the members’ huge movements and outfits, there were times when the group weren’t seen as clearly.

| Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube 

Others pointed out that there were times when the cameraman was slow with his movements which meant that the members weren’t clearly shown on camera when it came to their solo parts.

| Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube 

When the clips were released, netizens shared their thoughts about the camera work. While many blamed the show for their lack of professionalism when it came to showcasing the group, others couldn’t stop praising the members for being able to shine, despite the difficult circumstances.

As expected, BLACKPINK has proved that nothing can phase them when it comes to performing. Although the lighting and camerawork might have not lived up to expectations, the members proved that they can still shine no matter what.

You can read more about the members’ shining during their performance below.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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