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Netizens React To Photos Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s New Office For Her Company ODD ATELIER

Jennie truly knows how to make an impact!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has left netizens in awe after photos from her new office for her new company ODD ATELIER have been shared online.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

After it was revealed that the members of BLACKPINK were no longer conducting their solo activities with YG Entertainment, netizens were obsessed when Jennie announced the creation of her own company.

On February 1, new photos started to be shared as it was announced that Jennie had finally opened an office for her company. Some lucky people from Gentle Monster (a brand that works closely with Jennie) shared photos online, along with other brands that work closely with the idol.

Considering Jennie’s personality, it wasn’t surprising that people visiting got treated to an adorable banquet of food and sweet treats.

| @jinkyu/Instagram
| @jinkyu/Instagram

If that wasn’t enough, everyone who attended received a special gift, and Jennie thanked the people for supporting her new company.

| @jinkyu/Instagram

Jennie also showed how loved she is as there was a place for brands to write messages. In the pictures, brands like Gentle Monster, Adidas, and many more can be seen sharing their support for Jennie on her new and exciting venture.

| @jinkyu/Instagram

In particular, the decor of the office truly exuded class and sophistication. Sticking with the image of OA, the colors and furniture seemed very sleek and minimalist.

| @jinkyu/Instagram

But netizens were shocked to discover that the sofa cost over $31,000 USD!

Of course, no matter how swanky the office looked, there was always going to be something to showcase Jennie’s personality. It is no surprise that Jennie is obsessed with capybaras, and BLINKs couldn’t hide their excitement when someone shared that the office had a capybara claw machine.

In particular, the capybara plushies had ribbons with the company’s name on it.

When the photos and videos were shared, BLINKs couldn’t get enough of the small details in the office.

As always, Jennie does everything 110%. Whether it’s the way she decorates her office or greeting her guests, Jennie proves why she is the “IT” girl.

Source: @jinkyu/Instagram




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