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This 2nd Generation Star Quit Idol Life To… Live Her Best Life In Bali?

She’s been up to a lot since moving — including… lots of surfing!

It’s not unusual for K-Pop idols from previous generations to exit the industry. While some transition into acting or hosting variety shows — and others step away from the limelight completely — it’s rare to see them relocate to another country entirely.

However, 4Minute‘s Gayoon did just that. In May last year, she took a life-altering flight to Indonesia — a decision that surprised many.

Gayoon in 4Minute. | Cube Entertainment

Fans initially mistook Gayoon’s departure as just another ordinary holiday when she and fellow former 4Minute member Jiyoon were spotted at the airport. This presumption was soon dispelled as Gayoon continually updated her followers with glimpses of her new life in Bali. Unlike her idol days, these posts reflected a more relaxed and personal side of her.

Bali’s pristine beaches seem to have captivated Gayoon. Her social media is full of images of her lounging on sandy shores, frolicking in the waves, or enjoying a tranquil moment by the pool. These posts showcase a stark contrast to her previous hectic schedule, offering a glimpse into a life of relaxation and peace.

Just a few months after her move, in July, Gayoon shared her latest accomplishment — mastering surfing. Fans were delighted to see her updates, featuring her skillfully riding the waves, a testament to her embracing the local culture and lifestyle.

Gayoon’s love for the outdoors is evident in her posts. Pictures of her taking leisurely walks around the province, basking in the sunshine, indicate a newfound appreciation for nature and simplicity.

She has even shown a keen interest in hiking, exploring Bali’s lush landscapes, and sharing her experiences with her fans online. These excursions not only prove her adventurous spirit but also her desire to connect with nature.

Adding to her list of newly acquired skills, Gayoon also delved into skateboarding. Her journey from a novice to a proficient skateboarder is well documented on her social media, inspiring many of her followers.

Interestingly, Jiyoon often features in Gayoon’s posts, though it’s unclear if she resides in Bali or frequently visits her friend. Regardless, fans are thrilled to see their friendship continue post-4Minute.

Either way, fans have been enjoying this new side of Gayoon and can’t wait to see what other adventures she’ll get into next.



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