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Nobody Can Agree On NCT’s Visual Center — But Here Are The Most Mentioned Members For The Title

With so many members, fans can’t seem to agree on a single visual member for NCT. However, many names are mentioned for the title. According to a fan, here are the 10 most frequently praised members when it comes to visuals!

1. Taeyong

As both NCT’s leader and center, Taeyong is often praised for his visuals.

His good looks are often compared to CGI!

2. Yuta

Yuta’s bright smile and big eyes also make him loved as a visual.

His expressions on stage will make you fall for him!

3. Jaehyun

Jaehyun brings a classic, mature type of visual to NCT.

He’s often compared to a prince — and it’s easy to see why!

4. Winwin

Winwin’s cute visuals earn him the title, as well.

If you prefer “cute” visuals, Winwin is the one for you.

5. Jungwoo

Jungwoo’s cute visuals are often compared to a puppy…

…but he can also rock a more mature and handsome look!

6. Lucas

Lucas’s visuals earn him tons of praise.

Somehow, he’s just as flawless in real life!

7. Xiaojun

Xiaojun’s unique and handsome beauty cannot be ignored.

He can pull off any hair color.

8. Jeno

Jeno’s good looks earn him praise…

…both on and off stage.

9. Jaemin

Jaemin was born handsome.

He rocks pastel hair colors like no other!

10. Sungchan

Sungchan has also garnered attention for his handsome visuals.

It’s safe to say NCT is just full of visual members!




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