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One Moment Sums Up Once Again Why TWICE’s Nayeon Is A Born-To-Be Idol

Recently, during a fancam video of TWICE’s “Talk that Talk” performance, a short moment of Nayeon caught the attention of viewers. Although it was an individual fancam for Sana, Nayeon’s professional idol moment was caught on camera!

As you can see from the screenshots below, Nayeon was busy fixing her outfit before the performance started.

But as soon as she heard the music start, she knew right away when to begin performing!

In that split second, she showed off her immediate switch from off mode to idol on mode!

Even netizens admit that she is a true born-to-be idol!

  • “She’s truly a human vitamin, so cute!”
  • “I can’t stop watching this!”
  • “It’s crazy how she can start right away without missing the timing.”
  • “She was truly born to be an idol!”



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