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Popular Actor’s Resemblance To TXT’s Yeonjun In A Sexy Pic Has Fans Doing A Double Take

They’re both very handsome!

TXT‘s Yeonjun is an extremely talented idol with visuals that are out of this world.

TXT’s Yeonjun | SBS


The idol is handsome enough to be a model, something he has actually done on more than one occasion. Yeonjun seems to have an understanding of his body and movement that rivals any professional.

| HYBE Labels
Photography © Jongha Park for W Korea
| W Korea

This body expression recently led some fans to have to take a double take at a popular actor due to his resemblance in a sexy photo!

Actor James Supamongkon Wongwisut also known as James Su, got his start in the drama Oxygen and more recently appeared in the BL (boy love) series Bed Friend.

James Su | @james.spmk/Instagram


The star is handsome, there is no doubt, but his appearance doesn’t seem to resemble Yeonjun in many of the photos shared on his Instagram account. However, some might say his energy is similar, as well as their body shape.

| @james.spmk/Instagram
| @james.spmk/Instagram

This similarity was more apparent in a post made by Su, who celebrated his birthday recently. A 99-liner like Yeonjun, Su shared a post featuring himself posing with a cake.

Su was rocking a mullet like Yeonjun has in different eras, giving the same sultry air the star gives in photos.

| @james.spmk/Instagram
| @james.spmk/Instagram

However, one of the set, the sexiest, showed Su on his knees, with his hand up his shirt, licking icing off his fingers. The photo was slightly blurred so at first glance, the subject is not discernable.

| @james.spmk/Instagram

A fan posted this on X, with the caption “what the f*ck,” with many quoting confusion over the person in the photo.

When looking at the picture, it is easy to see how one could be confused. Yeonjun has posed similarly for his shoot with DAZED Korea, and their bodies have strong similarities.

| DAZED Korea

Ultimately, the two stars are both gorgeous, so everyone wins! James even has done the “Guilty” challenge, which you can check out below!




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