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Where Is She Now? The Dancer Who Rejected A K-Pop Idol And Suffered From His Revenge

She wasn’t the only one approached by him.

During a live broadcast in 2018, K-Pop backup dancer Kim So Na told her viewers about an interaction with a male idol that went wrong. Even though dating between the idol group and its backup dancers wasn’t allowed, one member approached So Na and asked her out for coffee.

So Na rejected the idol, explaining that she lived far away and was afraid of riding in other people’s cars after a past accident. The male idol didn’t take the rejection well and used the situation to get her in trouble. As revenge, he told the staff So Na was the one who confessed her feelings to him and even approached another backup dancer. Although So Na didn’t report the idol, she didn’t let him stop her from living her best life.

Six years later, So Na is as stunning as ever and frequently changes her look. She’s also taken a step back from being a backup dancer and has been leaning into being an influencer.

Kim So Na | @_sona_world/Instagram
| @_sona_world/Instagram

And when she’s not attending events and modeling brand deals, So Na hasn’t forgotten her dancer roots.

| @_sona_world/Instagram

The dancer uploads covers of K-Pop dances to her social media accounts. In fact, she’s gained a large following on a particular platform.

With six million followers on TikTok, So Na often goes viral for dancing to Vietnamese songs and even traveled to the country recently. Despite what she’s been through, So Na is living happily.


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