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Red Velvet’s Irene Goes Viral For Her Hair At SMTOWN LIVE 2022 Tokyo, Once Again Asserting Her Title Of “Original Visual”

At SMTOWN LIVE 2022Red Velvet performed “WILDSIDE,” the title track of their first Japanese full-length album Bloom, for the first time live. As always, they were stunning with their incomparable visuals, heavenly vocals, and charismatic performance.

In particular, Irene went viral for her insane visuals with bangs, proving once again why she’s the original visual. When Irene wore bangs for the music video, she stole everyone’s breath away with her beauty. Add to that her sweet vocals, and Reveluvs couldn’t help but become obsessed with everything about her in the song.

So it’s no surprise that when she wore bangs for their live performance of “WILDSIDE,” ReVeluvs couldn’t get enough. Just a video of her speaking reached over 100,000 views in less than five hours.

Of course, if she’s already that powerful speaking, watching Irene perform would be even more dangerous for our hearts. Despite the distance, Irene’s visuals and charisma can’t be dimmed.

Even in low-quality videos, Irene’s visuals are showstopping (well, all of Red Velvet’s visuals are). And besides the new hairstyle, Irene’s perfect body line has fans in awe.

And in a behind-the-scenes view of the stage on DJ Raiden‘s Instagram story, ReVeluvs witnessed Irene’s gorgeous looks up close.

Irene’s confused expression is a deadly combination of pretty and adorable. It’s hard to believe she isn’t a living doll.

| @dj_raiden_/Instagram

Irene is always drop-dead gorgeous no matter what hairstyle she has, but Irene with bangs will always have a special place in ReVeluvs’ hearts.



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