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Red Velvet’s Seulgi Gets Stalked By A Sasaeng, Fans Urge Company To Take Action

K-Pop idols have all had their fair share of danger with stalker fans. TWICE’s Nayeon was plagued for years on end by her infamous stalker Josh, who even followed her on planes.

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The next victim is Red Velvet’s Seulgi. A non-Korean fan had recently been questioning her actions through social media, demonstrating stalker behavior. The stalker has been leaving threatening messages on Seulgi’s Instagram, knowing whenever she is at home.

The stalker’s comments. | Nate Pann

Seulgi, are you still awake? I see that your lights are still on. What are you doing? Don’t sleep too late. It’ll be the best for you not to DM BamBam again. This is especially stressful and worrying. Don’t reply him late at night or before you sleep. Sleep well and warm at night. Don’t DM him quietly before you sleep. NCT too. Don’t love anyone first. I’m still below your house. I’ll go soon, it’s too cold. You’re mine. I love you, my bear.

— Stalker

The stalker warned her not to contact any male idols, specifically pointing out GOT7’s BamBam and NCT. Seulgi is known to be close friends with them.

The stalker continues to comment in poor Korean, inserting things such as “I don’t know what you’re doing when I’m not staring at your window.” They also kept track of whenever the members met up with their siblings. They repeatedly tell Seulgi not to DM any male idols r love anyone.

The stalker’s comments. | Nate Pann

Don’t let anyone by your side, especially at night. Don’t love anyone first. I’m still around the Gangnam-Gu area. I’ll go to your house. I passed by your house at night. The lights weren’t on. You’re mine.

— Stalker

The stalker continued to leave many comments in a similar vein, often pointing out who Seulgi hung out with or what she did in the day. Eventually, a concerned fan reported the matter to SM Entertainment, urging them to take action.

Fan’s report. | Nate Pann

Hello. I am reporting this as someone has been uploading stalkerish posts about Seulgi on social media. They have continued to post photos and comments on Instagram about her personal life. The stalking contents refer to the lights on or off at her house, being at the bottom of her home, Gangnam, and SM Town.

I think they are a foreigner living in Korea. I request the company to:

1. Check regularly if there are suspicious characters near her house.

2. Track their Instagram.

3. Prevent crimes of stalking and invading her privacy.

I hope that the company will place importance on preventing this.

— Fan

SM Entertainment has yet to reply to the matter.


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