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The Shocking Age Difference Between Two Co-Stars From “Marry My Husband”

She has an incredible baby face.

Marry My Husband is tvN’s latest time-slip romance flick. About a woman who is killed by her unloving husband, she plots revenge as she goes back in time to before she married him.

Song Ha Yoon plays the sneaky bestie to the main lead. She steals her husband and has an affair with him.

She works in the same office as our main lead, played by Park Min Young. She cozies up to the middle-aged team leader to get an edge over her friend. The team lead is played by Kim Joong Hee. He plays the balding team lead who is in his mid-40s.

Song Ha Yoon’s character flirts her way to the top using the team lead’s weakness for young and pretty girls.

Although Song Ha Yoon plays a 31-year-old office worker with over 10 years an age gap with the team lead, their real ages will shock you.

Song Ha Yoon was born in 1986, making her 37 years old! Her baby face certainly doesn’t betray her real age. On the other hand, Kim Joong Hee is only two years older than Song Ha Yoon! He was born in 1984.

Who would have ever guessed that they were so close in age? Marry My Husband airs every Monday and Tuesday on tvN.



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