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Red Velvet’s Seulgi Reveals Her Solo Album “28 Reasons” Helped Address Something She Was Bad At

She channeled all her energies to this album as her means of self-expression.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi shared that her solo album 28 Reasons helped her address something she was bad at—being honest with her emotions.

Seulgi knew fans wanted her to express her innermost thoughts, feelings, and worries. She chose to express herself through this album, thinking now was the right time to launch a solo album.

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Through her nine-year journey as part of Red Velvet, Seulgi shared that her darkest days were when she was a trainee, a period of doubt for her. She was unsure that being in the entertainment business was the right direction for her.

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All of this changed because of the immense love she received from ReVeluvs. The fandom’s love gave her the confidence to continue doing what she loved. The fans were her driving force.

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In return for the love, she has channeled all her energies to this album as her means of self-expression. Seulgi admits she is bad at being honest with her emotions. She tends to restrain expressing herself. With her album, she promised that fans would see her efforts to express herself from within.

She likened it to when asked to draw a square; she would draw a basic square instead of something more specific, like a trapezoid or other quadrilateral shapes.

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The album 28 Reasons allowed her to look at her capabilities beyond singing and dancing. Doing things solo gave her a bit of pressure and a sense of responsibility for the outcome since, this time, she was doing things independently, without the other members of Red Velvet.

But she is proud of the album for having been deeply involved in it. She feels that 28 Reasons will be a stepping stone for her to get better in the future.

Moving forward, Seulgi said she has yet to hone her skills in the genres she has tried doing. In the future, she hopes to identify what she’s good at and further sharpen her skills in it.

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By then, she hopes she will be someone who can fully express everything.


Watch the full video of “‘2+8 Reasons’ of SEULGI” here:


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