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Russian Musician Caught Morphing His Face With Red Velvet Joy’s Album Cover For His Own Music

They merged their face with Joy’s body.

A Russian musician called Yurii was recently called out for plagiarizing Red Velvet‘s Joy. What was unexpected was how he had used AI or Photoshop to superimpose his likeness on Joy’s image. The images were from Joy’s solo, “HELLO.”

The images were posted to his Spotify account.

Yurii’s album cover. | @timeslipped_/Twitter

Not only did he use her images, he also launched a single with a very similar title. His title is YURA:HELLO, highly similar to Joy’s.

Yurii’s album cover. | @timeslipped_/Twitter

These are the original images from Joy which he used.

| SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

Fans soon caught wind of the matter, calling him out for being shameless.

The images were so similar that fans almost thought that it was Joy.

Others defended him by saying that the matter wasn’t as serious as fans made it out to be, given that he does not have any impact as an artist.

Fans have taken the issue into their own hands, reporting the artist swiftly.

It seems like it worked, as currently, when searched on Spotify, his page does not come up. Instead, Joy’s page pops up as a relevant search.

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