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SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Rumored Girlfriend’s Comments Flooded With Hate After Alleged Pregnancy Related Post

There are hundreds of hate comments.

In early August 2023, rumors surrounding SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua and an alleged girlfriend surfaced.


Netizens pointed out different “evidence” that the idol was dating model Cho Mi Young, including matching outfits and an alleged video of her at one of the group’s concerts.

Cho Mi Young | @mi0___0/Instagram
| theqoo
| theqoo

Demands for Joshua to leave the group followed, as Pledis’ response sent a “message” to netizens.

Many fans came to the idol’s defense, worried about his well-being following worrying photos.

SEVENTEEN Fans Come To Joshua’s Defense After His Latest Weverse Post

Now, months later, Cho Mi Young has been targeted with hate following a social media post.

The model reportedly shared a clip of herself driving on her Instagram story. In the clip, a piece of paper can be seen in the windshield.

| @mi0___0/Instagram

The paper is said to resemble the “pregnancy badge” given to expectant mothers to make their condition known to others when taking public transportation.

A version of the pregnancy badge featuring the logo. | Ahn Ji Young

Following this story, Cho Mi Young’s most recent posts, including one celebrating her birthday, were slammed with hundreds of comments, many questioning the pregnancy card.

  • Why would you even show the pregnancy card in this picture? LMAO. Baby girl, are you pregnant? If not, what was the point of sharing this to your Stories?
  •  Unnie. Are you trying to piss us off because your candle-blowing boyfriend is in Japan this year? Must be so sad because, had you not gotten caught, you’d be there right now, too. Huh?
  • I don’t get it. What goes through your mind when you make videos like this, with a pregnancy card in the frame? Is it like, ‘Oh, if I place it right around here, it looks subtle enough and not intentional at all’? Imagine her trying to figure out ways to trigger us like this. Please… What a disgraceful way to age.
  • Doesn’t matter if you’re actually in a relationship with him or not. Just stop… It truly upsets me as a fan. He’s getting a lot of hate for no reason.
  • But Mi Young unnie, is the pregnancy card for real?

Many picked at the model’s alleged relationship, leaving mean-spirited comments about how her alleged “boyfriend” couldn’t be there for her birthday. Joshua is currently in Japan for SEVENTEEN’s Follow tour.

  • Unnie, PLEASE! Teach us how to start dating idols! Please share tips…
  • I’m sorry you didn’t get to celebrate your birthday with your boyfriend this year.
  • Aw, unnie. Too bad you didn’t get to spend it with your boyfriend this year.
  • Why do you look different in every single one of your pictures?

The rumors between the pair initially died down after some weeks with no response from either side.




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