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SEVENTEEN S.Coups’s Exemption From Military Service Triggers A Heated Debate Among Netizens

Not many K-Pop idols have received exemptions from service.

In August 2023, SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups suffered a torn ACL, resulting in the suspension of his activities with the group for several months as he underwent surgery to repair the injury.


The idol made sparse appearances following his surgery and was finally reported to be returning to activities alongside Jeonghan in late February, much to fans’ excitement. The notice stated the two idols were cleared to return to activities as their bodies would allow.

S.COUPS and JEONGHAN have been receiving post-surgery care since their surgeries for knee and ankle injuries in August and December of last year, respectively.

As a result of receiving constant care and taking sufficient rest, both artists have made a noticeable recovery. They have been cleared by medical professionals to resume their scheduled activities as long as they avoid straining their bodies.

— PLEDIS Entertainment

Not long after, it was reported and confirmed that S. Coups had received a Grade 5 during his physical examination, exempting him from military service. As a 95-liner, S. Coups would have been expected to begin his mandatory service sometime this year.

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Confirmed To Be Exempt From Military Service

The announcement was met with a range of reactions, with many fans expressing happiness at the idol not being required to postpone his activities to serve.

However, many stated this was not something to celebrate, as the idol’s injury was more severe than many expected. With such a severe injury like an ACL tear, recovery will be slow and steady, with some patients reporting that they did not return to full functionality for at least two years.

While his injury has been deemed reason enough for him not to enlist, some netizens did not think it was enough reason to be exempted from service.

Some named other idols who have had surgeries for their injuries but still served in other capacities, like public service. It is worth noting that idols who enlist in public service still face criticism from some because they are not on active duty or doing “real service.”

Still, others found that using other idols was disrespectful to both the idol and S. Coups, as circumstances vary even with similar injuries. Many even brought up the idea of mandatory enlistment being done away with entirely for everyone.

Hopefully, all idols suffering from injuries, regardless of time are able to heal and do activities in the safest ways possible, including military service.




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