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SEVENTEEN’s Dino Slides Into British YouTuber’s DMs

This wasn’t on our 2024 bingo cards!

Have you ever slid into an idol’s DMs, or has one slid into yours?


Very few can say that an idol has privately messaged. Yet, one English YouTuber can.

The Beta Squad comprises five English YouTubers: Niko Omilana, Chunkz, Aj Shabeel, Sharky, and KingKennyTv. They boast 8.7M subscribers on YouTube.

Chunkz is an outspoken K-Pop fan. He previously bonded with soccer star Song Heung Min over their favorite K-Pop groups.


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♬ girls like me don’t cry (sped up) – thuy

Yet, another Beta Squad member caught a K-Pop idol’s attention.

Niko uploaded a series of videos to his Instagram Stories. He watched a K-Pop dance cover group dancing and joked, “Really wanna get involved and show them how its done.” 

Yet, the next Instagram Story was him in the center being taught choreography so he could join.

Sure enough, he caught on. Niko shocked his followers by dancing to SEVENTEEN‘s “Super.”

His dancing impressed not only netizens but SEVENTEEN’s Dino himself!

SEVENTEEN's Dino looking at his mobile phone
SEVENTEEN’s Dino | @feat.dino/Instagram

Dino responded to Niko’s Instagram Story, encouraging him to “Keep up the dancing.” Niko replied, “Just trying to be like you brother.” 


Niko joked, “Don’t be shocked if you see me turn professional.” This was certainly not on anyone’s 2024 bingo cards!

This is the interaction we never saw coming.

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