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SEVENTEEN’s Jun Shocks Lee Mujin After Revealing The Year He Was First Street Cast

“When were you born?!”

Soloist Lee Mujin recently hosted SEVENTEEN member Jun on his musical variety program Leemujin’s Service. The SEVENTEEN member opened up about how he became a K-Pop idol and how his entertainment career began.

SEVENTEEN’s Jun | @mujin_plz/Twitter

Jun revealed that he struggled with being too nervous to sing in front of people as a trainee. It got to the point where he would lose his voice, so Pledis Entertainment sent him on a mission to overcome his fears by singing to strangers in public.

After Jun shared his story about his pre-debut mission to sing to strangers, Lee Mujin couldn’t believe the talented SEVENTEEN member was ever nervous or lacked confidence.

It seemed unbelievable to the soloist because Jun has been in the entertainment industry since he was a child actor in China.

Jun confirmed that he’s had a long career in entertainment and shockingly added that he debuted in 1998… when he was only two years old.

Childhood photo of SEVENTEEN’s Jun.

The SEVENTEEN member revealed how he was able to debut at such a young age and shared that he was surprisingly street cast at two years old.

Jun recalled that he was going to the park with his mom at the time when a director approached them.

The director told Jun’s mom that they were looking for a new model to film and asked if Jun wanted to participate in the filming.

The chance encounter led to Jun’s debut, and he revealed that he was later able to take on more serious roles as a child actor in China.

Lee Mujin was curious about how Jun became a K-Pop idol, considering he had a blossoming career as a child actor in China.

Jun shared that he was again street cast, and before he knew it, he was headed to Korea to become a trainee. Lee Mujin hilariously marveled at Jun’s “ties with the streets.

Jun opened up more about his pre-debut mission to perform for strangers and how the experience left a lasting impression on him.

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