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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Drives Fans Wild With His Body Proportions In New “ELLE Korea” Photoshoot

“Mingyu has outbreasted us all.”

SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu is gaining attention for his insane body proportions in his recent photoshoot with ELLE Korea.

Mingyu | @min9yu_k/Instagram

After wowing with his visuals and proportions throughout SEVENTEEN’s BE THE SUN tour in North America…

…Mingyu is wasting no time in continuing to dazzle fans upon his return to Korea. In fact, no sooner than he returned, he reportedly ran off to complete his newest attention-grabbing pictorial for ELLE Korea.

| ELLE Korea

The images took CARATs by surprise—though no one is exactly complaining.

In fact, CARATs have caught on to his pattern!

Now, they can’t stop gushing over his insane body proportions, particularly after seeing Mingyu in a strategically revealing outfit for the photoshoot.

| ELLE Korea

CARATs joked that Mingyu tried to “warn” them of the devastation that was to come with the ELLE Korea images…but that it did no good.

After all, Mingyu and his muscular physique always go viral, never failing to leave everyone shook!

Read more about Mingyu and his unreal visuals right here!

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