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IU’s Mom Showed Kindness Runs In Their Family By Surprising Uaenas With Thousands Of Seat Cushions

It’s no accident that IU is considered one of the most generous idols.

IU‘s 2022 concert, The Golden Hour, drew tens of thousands of her fans, called by the idol as Uaenas, to the Seoul Olympic Stadium, certifying her superstar status in South Korea. Many other celebrities also went, which is why some say IU is an “idol among idols.”

Poster for IU’s The Golden Hour concert | @_IUofficial/Twitter

IU is also known as an incredibly generous soul since she’s donated over ₩4.50 billion KRW (about $3.25 million USD) to various causes throughout her career. Her mother also recently made an unprecedented kind gesture to all her fans who attended The Golden Hour by providing them all with seat cushions!

This was incredibly considerate of her since IU’s concerts usually extend for long periods due to many encore songs. The seats at the venue are mostly made of hard plastic, so sitting on them can be very uncomfortable.

On top of that, even if one set of cushions could easily have been used for both days, fans had the option of taking them home as a souvenir! This effectively meant that the cushions for day 2 had to be replaced, doubling the total cost.

IU herself went above and beyond to entertain her fans in person for the first time in almost 3 years by preparing a special stage wherein she sang to Uaenas from a hot air balloon! Fans who couldn’t attend could even see the light show and fireworks outside the arena.

It’s easy to see now that IU learned much about kindness and hard work from her mother. Uaenas will look forward to many more unique performances and stages from IU in the future!




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