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SM Entertainment Comes Under Fire For Allegedly Unfair Treatment Of NCT 127’s Taeil

Fans believe Taeil looked visibly upset at the “2 Baddies” MV.

SM Entertainment faces criticism from NCTzens for its allegedly unfair treatment of NCT 127‘s Taeil in the group’s recent comeback, 2 Baddies.

Taeil | @nct127/Instagram

As the main vocal of the group, Taeil has more than proved his talent over the years. Fans have always expressed pride in his insane vocal range, as well as in how he always gives his all for every comeback and every performance.

Like all his members, Taeil was excited for 2 Baddies, despite the fact that it falls right in the middle of a schedule so busy that members Mark and Haechan caused concern after revealing they had to get an IV drip.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Fans were just as excited to see him, of course, especially after he exhibited his talent so impressively in Sticker last year. Yet, despite all the love that NCTzens show for Taeil and for his vocals, his screentime in the “2 Baddies” MV proved to be substantially less than that of his members.

| @neomark09/TikTok

When the group’s MV reaction video was released, Taeil soon went viral as fans noticed what looked like disappointment on his face.

NCT 127’s management was promptly questioned for releasing a video where a member looked noticeably upset…

…and fans strongly called out the company for unfair treatment of Taeil, especially considering how essential his unique vocals are to NCT 127’s music.

They pointed out that Taeil works just has hard as all the other members, yet his efforts are never rewarded fairly.

And to make things worse, this is far from the first time that fans of Taeil have had this complaint.

Consequently, #TaeilDeservesBetter has been trending on Twitter as fans demand respect and more just treatment of Taeil going forward.

While neither the company nor the members of NCT 127 have spoken on the issue, hopefully, NCTzens will get to see more of Taeil in the future!

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