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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Explains Why He Became A Fan Of TXT’s Soobin

Soobin is totally his ult bias!

It’s hard not to fall for TXT’s Soobin! Even fellow K-Pop idols can agree.


The entire HYBE family was caught simping over the TXT leader during The Game Caterers, especially SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu | PLEDIS Entertainment

During the HYBE special of The Game Caterers, they played the “Random Play Dance.” Soobin remained until the end due to his deep knowledge of K-Pop songs.

Mingyu was down bad for Soobin at the moment of this event. He couldn’t stop gushing over him and kept declaring that he had become a fan and that Soobin was love.

During a recent interview with ELLE KOREA, Mingyu was shown the video clips as seen above of him declaring his fanship for Soobin. He was asked if he truly became a fan of Soobin’s that day.

Mingyu explained how Soobin really surprised him. He thought the TXT member was shy, but he turned out to be quite different!

I think I was very shocked that day. He was so charming. I thought he was obviously shy, but he was enjoying the moment so brightly.

— Mingyu

Mingyu was so impressed with Soobin’s knowledge of all the songs and thought his genuine enjoyment was endearing. So, he truly became a fan.

‘I know this song!’ Seeing him happily enjoying it with this expression, he was cute. It’s amazing that he knew all the songs. I became a fan that day.

— Mingyu

Read more below.

TXT Soobin’s Dancing Had The Whole HYBE Family Simping Over Him — Especially SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu

Watch Mingyu’s full interview below.



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