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NCT’s Shotaro Was So Determined To Take Fans’ Letters His Manager Had To Pull Him Away

As one of the newest members of NCT, Shotaro has been making an impact with fans since his debut with the group in 2020. Despite not having the support of his family, he’s done an amazing job as a member of the group!

NCT’s Shotaro | @NCT_smtown/Twitter

Along with his impressive performance alongside the new SM Rookies at SMTOWN Live 2022 in Japan, Shotaro has been in Japan filming content with NCT 127‘s Yuta, which has led to some hilarious moments.

Most recently, Shotaro and Sungchan have been in Japan, filming content for What’s NCT, a reality show to introduce NCT to Japanese artists, fueling more rumors about the Japanese NCT sub-unit that is supposed to debut in the coming months.

On September 25, the two NCT members returned to Korea and were greeted by fans at the airport, but Shotaro’s actions as he arrived had some fans swooning!

Fans will often bring letters and gifts to give to artists as they arrive, but sometimes artists cannot take the letters due to the situation becoming dangerous or their security not allowing fans to do so. Shotaro is one idol known for taking letters from fans, so it’s no surprise he did the same during his arrival.

Shotaro slowed down so much trying to take all the letters that he could, that his manager had to grab his wrist to pull him along. In spite of this, Shotaro continued taking letters and seemed to resist his manager’s tugging!


He can be seen later on in their arrival video placing letters into his bag, making sure that they were safe. The entire time, Shotaro is being directed and pulled by the manager in an attempt to make him move faster.


Fans have praised Shotaro for his kindness and appreciate that the idol made sure to grab letters from fans.

You can check out the full arrival video here:





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