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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Hangs Up On Fan Asking “Inappropriate” Question During Video Call

Fans have encouraged idols to speak up for themselves during uncomfortable calls.

Traditional in-person fan signs have resumed following their suspension during COVID-19 protocols. Still, video fan signs or fan calls have continued, allowing fans worldwide to speak with their favorite idols.

These interactions can result in some pretty funny or cute viral moments; however, as of late, many moments have ranged from uncomfortable to downright offensive.

6 Of The Most Disrespectful K-Pop Fan Calls Of 2023

A recent video call with SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu has gained attention because of an “inappropriate” question and the idol’s response.


During a recent video call for “God of Music,” Mingyu speaks with a fan who first asks if the idol would give her a Christmas present. After Mingyu asks what she wants, she asks to see his abs.

Fan: Can Mingyu give me a Christmas present?
Mingyu: What do you want for Christmas?
Fan: Let me see your abs. 

Mingyu laughs at her request before telling her no. As the fan attempts to question him, Mingyu hangs up the call, surprising her.

Mingyu: You’re really funny. That’s a no. Bye~
Fan: Why? I mean honestly…[Mingyu hangs up] huh? What the heck? 

Fans have long hoped that idols would be able to end calls with participants who make them uncomfortable and are glad Mingyu was able to defend himself this way.

NCT‘s Johnny recently dealt with a similar situation, which you can read below.

Fan Asks NCT’s Johnny A “Disgusting” Question About His Body During A Recent Video Call




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