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“SM Rookies” Lami Recently Starred In A Netflix Drama…But Did You Recognize Her?

She signed with SM Entertainment again.

Lami was once one of the most popular SM Rookies. The company revealed a group of trainees to the public in 2015, even putting them on shows such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

As the years went past, the boys of SM Rookies were able to debut through NCT. Things were looking bleak for the girls. When a new girl group was finally teased in 2020, fans noticed that only NingNing had made the cut. The rest of the girls were noted to have left the company slowly. Fans were disappointed to hear that Lami had also left the company. After all, she was slated to be the next adorable visual, following the visual footsteps of f(x)‘s Sulli.

In 2023, fans were pleasantly surprised to hear that she had resigned with SM Entertainment. This time, she was signed to their actors division!

| @lamimienne/Instagram

She most recently starred in a Netflix thriller, Night Has Come. Did you recognize the star? She played the role of a bullied student, Park Se Eun.

| @lamiupdates/Twitter

She even recently went out with her co-stars to celebrate Christmas.

| @lamiupdates/Twitter

Check out her acting chops below!



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