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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu May Have Changed His Schedule To See BTS’s Jungkook Before His Enlistment 

Their friendship is everything.

One of the 97-liner friendships fans love the most is the one between SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu and BTS‘s Jungkook. Anytime the pair do anything together, it seems to go viral.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu (left) and BTS’s Jungkook (right) | @min9yu_k/Instagram

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Fans believe they got another indication of how close the pair are ahead of Jungkook’s enlistment!

Along with Jimin, RM, and V, Jungkook is set to enlist in the military for his mandatory service later this month. The group spent some time with ARMY, doing their final group broadcast for a while.

Jungkook also had some one-on-one time with fans, doing his own live stream on December 8. There were plenty of must-see moments as Jungkook chatted with fans for one of the last times before his departure.

10+ Must-See Moments From BTS Jungkook’s (Probably Not) Last Livestream Before Enlistment

While answering questions, Jungkook fielded one asking if he and Mingyu went on dates often. He confirmed that they did and said they recently met for a goodbye drink.

Have you asked Mingyu out on a date recently? Mingyu… Yes, I do ask him to hang out with me quite often. But he’s out of the country right now. When we hung out recently, though, we said our bye-byes. We had some goodbye drinks.


At the time of Jungkook’s live, Mingyu was in Japan for SEVENTEEN’s FOLLOW tour dates in Osaka.

| Pledis

After Jungkook’s live, some fans began thinking about Mingyu’s recent schedule and made a realization that had them in their feels.

Due to Japan’s proximity to Korea, some of the members of SEVENTEEN have flown home between concert dates rather than remain in Japan, including Mingyu.  On December 6, the members in Korea, minus Mingyu, were spotted at the airport, leading fans to question his location.

Some hours later, a fan spotted Mingyu at Kansai Airport in Osaka alone besides management and security.

While it wasn’t announced why Mingyu took a later flight, some fans have linked Jungkook’s statement and believe it was done because of their goodbye “date.” The thought of Mingyu changing his schedule for Jungkook left many emotional.

Check out another instance of the 97-liners’ friendship below.

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