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SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Once Asked A Fan For A Kiss And The Internet Couldn’t Take It

During fansigns, it’s usually the fans who have something to ask of the artists. From words of encouragement to aegyo poses, even advice — everything is fair game. But in SEVENTEEN Mingyu‘s case, he turned the tables on the fan instead.

During a videocall fansign event, a fan from China had asked him for a bbobbo through the screen, which refers to a quick peck. Mingyu’s playful nature wouldn’t let him just give it to them though! He turned his cheek to the side and tapped it twice to signal that the fan should give one to him first.

When the fan was too stunned, he repeated the words “bbobbo” carefully.

Finally happy when the fan acquiesced, it was only then that he granted their wish with a sweet kiss.

The internet went crazy over the moment, jokingly threatening that his PC would have to sleep outside and more.

Needless to say, everyone was jealous of the lucky fan!

We all want to be them.

The world isn’t fair sometimes.




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