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NCT 127’s Doyoung Ended Up Hugging A Fan But It Was All Because Of Taeil

It wasn’t the fan’s idea!

NCT 127‘s latest round of promotions is still underway, with their comeback for “2 Baddies”. The boys toured South Korea with fansigns, bringing some of the love to fans directly. During each fansign, lucky draw events were held. On one such occasion, fans could get a chance to take polaroids with the boys.

One lucky fan even got to do a backhug with Doyoung.

NCTzens were infinitely jealous of them. It was later revealed on Twitter that the mastermind behind the moment was not the fan, but fellow member Taeil!

Kim Doyoung hugged an NCTzen during the polaroid taking. When the fan was going down the stage after it ended, [Taeil told her], “be thankful to me~” F*ck this I’m gonna die.

— @looooove_d_d__

A behind-the-scenes video from user @going_my_way on Twitter showed just how attentive Taeil was to the fan. He really made it their best day ever!

From the moment they walked up the stage, his eyes were on them. His warm gaze says it all.

When the members and the fan were discussing a pose for the photo, Taeil was seen suggesting something to the fan. According to fans who were on site, Taeil had suggested that they do a backhug pose with her favorite member.

The fan and Doyoung were both shy, but they pulled it off for the picture.

The other members seemed to enjoy the moment, teasing Doyoung in the back.

The polaroid was taken beautifully and Taeil locked eyes with the fan once more as they left the stage.

As a fan, one might be too shy to suggest any proximity with your idol, even for a quick photo. Taeil’s quick wits helped them to make the best of their lucky win!




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