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SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo Collapses On Stage After Mortifying Himself With Aegyo

He just couldn’t handle it 😂

When it comes to K-Pop idols and aegyo, opinions are often mixed. Some fans seem to love it when idols do cutesy acts intentionally, while others find it cringy.

Sana (TWICE) 

Male idols, in particular, often have a strong preference for or against doing aegyo, and it’s understandable why! Those that don’t like to do it sometimes will humor a fan when they request it, while others just flat-out refuse (as is their right to do so!).

Jimin (BTS) 

Recently, during SEVENTEEN‘s ongoing Be The Sun world tour, Wonwoo had an aegyo moment that was just too much for him to handle.


It happened on November 19 at their first concert date in Japan. During the Osaka concert, Wonwoo ended up doing a “cheeseburger aegyo” that, afterwards, had him sinking to his knees and rolling over onto the floor from cringe.

There are different angles of the clip, such as this one taken of the big screen when the aegyo happened…

And this angle, where you can witness the entire ordeal 😂

CARATs are getting a kick out of the moment, and so are we!

Even though Wonwoo may have been embarrassed by his actions, it was definitely an endearing moment.




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